This page will list available fellowships in knee surgery. All UK fellowships will be listed without charge and there will be a small fee chargeable for non UK fellowships. For enquiries about listings please contact the Webmaster.

If you wish to list a fellowship you will need to provide the following information:

  • Location of fellowship – including city and hospital + country if appropriate
  • Supervising consultants
  • Dates available – if time limited
  • Brief summary of special interests

UK fellowships

Supervisors: Tanweer Ashraf, Khalid Baloch


Interests: Knee arthroplasty, soft tissue knee surgery, multi-ligament injury, tibial plateau fractures, patellofemoral conditions (instability and degeneration)

Supervisor: Matt Dawson

Contact: susan.O’

Interests: Osteotomy including sagittal and rotational correction; knee arthroplasty; unicompartmental arthroplasty; soft tissue knee; BOA fellowship

Trainer(s): Ian Carluke, Paul Partington, Mike Reed


Interests: Hip and knee arthroplasty, revision arthroplasty, periprosthetic fractures

Supervisors: Richard Spencer-Jones, Chris Evans

Contact: Secretary (Jayne) 01691 404089

Interests: Primary and revision hip and knee arthroplasty

Supervisors: Pete Gallacher, Andy Barnett, Tony Smith, Simon Roberts, Paul Jermin, Richard Roach


Interests: Ligament reconstruction, cartilage repair, patellofemoral surgery, meniscal transplantation, osteotomy, unicompartmental, total and revision arthroplasty

Supervisors: Nicholas Nicholau, Fazal Ali

Contact: or

Interests: Paediatric knee surgery

Supervisors: Paul Sutton, James Stoddart


Interests: Knee arthroplasty, soft tissue knee